The easiest hair clipper ever created for stress free mini trims! Are you afraid to attempt mini trims for your pet at home? Who could blame you if you're using...


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The easiest hair clipper ever created for stress free mini trims!

Pet owner using the Furbolini to trim a dog's paw.
Are you afraid to attempt mini trims for your pet at home? Who could blame you if you're using large, clumsy, old fashioned trimmers...or worse, pointy scissors?!


Now pet parents can safely trim like a Pro with total confidence, thanks to the original Furbolini Mini Trimmer; a truly unique product that has become a real game changer in the grooming industry. 

Perfect Safe & Easy Solution for at Home Mini Trims!

✓ Safety Blade Never Cuts Skin 
✓ Veterinarian and Groomer Approved! 
✓ No Batteries Required - Rechargeable 

Everyone is loving the original Furbolini Mini Trimmer for safe, precise and fast results including, Dr. Larry Adelman at Seven Oaks Hospital, who whole heartedly endorses this special grooming tool.

Don't take our word for it, take Dr. Adelman's!

Great for grooming any size pet!

Furbolini trimming around dog eyes
Never cut your pet’s skin again: Mini safety blade design prevents accidents as they never come in contact with the skin.  Now you can get into small spaces to trim between the paws, around the eyes, ears and rump like a Pro!   

Save time and money: Skip trips to the groomers! Extend grooming appointment times between visits, and save hundreds of dollars a year.

Using the Furbolini on pet's eyes, ears, paws and rump.

Fits in your hand: Unlike large, traditional, bulky clippers that can cut your pet's skin, this lightweight, compact, mini trimmer has a small non-slip handle with ergonomic design to allow you to easily and safely maneuver it around all of those sensitive places. 

Easy to use: NO BATTERIES REQUIRED! Cordless, compact design with USB is rechargeable for 60+ minutes of usage per session.  This allows for plenty of time to groom all your pets. 

Easy clean up: Use the brush provided to remove any debris, then wipe with a damp cloth or rinse with soap and water and it's ready for reuse.

You can use trimmers when your pet is sleeping: Minimal noise and low vibration with just 24dB of sound eliminates your pet's fear of the trimmer to quickly get the job done!

Super quiet motor and low vibration 

Your order will include: 1 x Furbolini Mini Trimmer, 1x Wide Blade Covering, 1 x Mini-Brush Blade Cleaner, 1 x Operational Manual  (No Oil Included)

Material: Made from sturdy ABS with ceramic titanium head 
Measurements: Height 15.5 cm x Width 4.5 cm 
Weight: 210 grams 



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